October 26, 2015

Low Cost Web Design

Who said you have to pay expensive for success on the Web?

Who said that success in the Internet had to cost an arm and a leg? Only a regular web developer, because their only objective is to build the website, not your success.

At Centrix, we see things different.

Obviously, if you want success in the Internet, it will cost you some money and lots of work. The same as in any regular business!

A website whose only expense is the $10 or so that you pay on a monthly basis for hosting will not be successful! Those $10/month that bring you back $0, are the most expensive $10 you can ever waste! It is a lot cheaper to spend $100/month and get $101. At the end of the day, with the $10 you are negative $10, whilst with the $100 you are $1 positive. Agree?

Well, if you want your website to work as you expect, you will have to invest monthly in two things that will make your website a successful one, bring traffic to the website and two, deliver content of value to that traffic.

If you DO NOT go with Centrix, be prepared to invest individually in:

  • Search engine optimization, to keep your website in top positions in Google and bring traffic from those that do not know you. If you plan for Google AdWords, expect to spend at least $1000/month and if going the SEO way, expect no less than $300-$1000/month
  • Email Newsletter: to generate top-of-mind of your brand in your customers over time. An email newsletter company will charge $50/month for a list of 2500 subscribers.
  • Writing of content of value, no less than $200/month. A Blog post can be $40, an email newsletter $75, or $300 for a landing page. Or you could go higher, just check Mack Colliers rates.
  • A Webmaster, to make the updates of your website, because you agree that you need fresh content and this requires periodic updates of your website. Expect to pay no less than $75/hr.
  • Technical Support, in case you try to do some change in your website and screw things up, other $60-75/hr.

If you add up the figures mentioned, you will find that if you want a website that works, you should be looking at an average expense of no less than $500/month and it is not bad as long as the website itself pays for it!

Fortunately at Centrix we charge a low monthly fee for a complete services package that includes hosting, an email newsletter tool, a website editing tool, customer support 24/7 and all the tools you need to be successful on the web. Contact us today!