How to Generate Website Traffic

You know it! A website without traffic is good for nothing! It is like running a store that no one visits. Let’s see how to generate website traffic.

Traffic from the internet to your website comes from several different sources:

  1. Those who do not know you will most likely use Google to search for what you have to offer. That is the vast majority. This is done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay-per-click).
  2. Those who you barely know are your friends, the friends of your friends. In other words those that you have a way of reaching to via social media networks, etc.
  3. Those who you know are those who you have an email address of which you can use to send a periodic newsletter
  4. Those who you touch are those that you hit via traditional marketing: flyer, post cards, business cards, networking events, newspaper/magazine ads, TV or radio commercial, etc.

and there is a great deal of work involved in having significant presence in each group. The best you work all these groups following a clear strategy, the better position you will have in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Word of advice:

  1. At Centrix we are serious and that’s why we cannot offer you that we will place you as #1 in Google for any query. What we offer you is that we will do for you what we have done successfully for so many clients over the years to place them in the first page of Google for wide generic queries.
  2. Beware! Not all social networks work well for everybody. We will explain to our clients which are the best for each specific case and will focus the effort in that direction!
  3. A periodic newsletter is very useful, even though most of the people will not open it. Doesn’t matter! Al least, it will generate something that in marketing we know as a key factor: top-of-mind. We have the experience to help you increase your opening rate and the CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

All of the above will contribute to generate traffic to your website so you have better exposure!

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