October 26, 2015

Website Content Delivery

You must engage with your visitors to convert them into prospects!

It requires content OF VALUE! Not just any content!

In the Internet, everything is about user experience and content is king!

Even if you have a very good website and you are able to generate traffic to it, if you do not deliver content OF VALUE to that traffic, you will kill it!

Just think of your own reaction when you find a website that you like. Chances are that you will bookmark it. Now, when you return that website and you find the same content, you will be disappointed. Right? OK. Let’s suppose you give it one more chance and go back for the third time and you still happen to find the same old content. You will bounce out and not return regardless if it is #1 in Google or not. Right? Well, what makes you think that your visitors will react different?

At Centrix we will give you the tools to generate content in a very easy and quick manner. We will even suggest you the sources for that content and will teach you how to write it “Google Friendly” so that the new content helps you in the high ranking of your website.

The flip of the delivery of the new and fresh unique content is that it literarily means constant changes to the website. The reality is that you have only two options to generate those changes: either you do it yourself (or at least internally) or you pay someone to make them for you; and that is an excellent business (but for them)!

Oftentimes we hear our prospects that they do not have time to generate that content and they rather write it and give it to the web developer to put it in the website. Let us tell you that as web developers, we love that! That is what we in Centrix call “CPC” (Copy, Paste and Charge). To avoid that, we give you access to a tool where you write your content (you will any way) and instead of clicking the Send button of your email, you click on the Update button on your website, and bang!, you saved a lot of time and money and have things the way you want, when you want them! You are free and not tied to your developer!