October 26, 2015

Website Design

Bertuna Group
Bertuna Group provides subject matter expertise in Conflict Analysis and Resolution while evaluating alternating solutions/decisions in light of the potential impact on the internal/external customer.

This website has:
  • Responsive design
  • Nice graphical concept
Point3 offers security cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom), video recorders (DVR) equipment and accessories for residential and commercial security from Doral, Florida, serving the Greater Miami area, such as Survaillance, PTZ Cameras, DVRs, Accesories and Home and Business Security Cameras.

This website has
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Product Categories in the Homepage accessible from either icons or category pictures
  • Subcategories of products in several product categories
  • Ability to purchase from the website at wholesale or retail sale price depending on the customer
  • Full social media integration
Vicky Neumann
Vicky Neumann is a Colombian fine artist who has worked in Colombia, US, Italy and France. She works with encaustic, acrylic, oil and mixed media seeking a balance between texture, color, strength and image, that characterize and who have consecrated internationally.

She had a website that was designed with technologies from 2008 and the website was revamped in 2015:
  • Responsive design
  • Image gallery with several ways to access the different time periods
  • Each image can be seen full-screen
  • Images are protected and cannot be easily copied or downloaded
  • Includes video on some posts of the Comments section
Alfajores A
Alfajores A is a small family business in Colombia.
This website has:
  • Product catalog without e-commerce capabilities
  • Different ways to access the product catalog


Designing a good website is the first solid step to having web presence THAT WORKS for you! Obviously we care about how nice your website looks and the message it sends out to your prospects, clients and visitors, but that’s not all. Google has announced to use over 200 clues to rank a page and with our experience we take advantage of that. A good website has to be build having those 200+ clue in mind since the very beginning and it takes experience to balance them!

When talking about website design, there are some differences that you have to establish when selecting your web designer.

We have been in the market since 1986 and exclusively in the website development business since 1995. For 20+ years we have collected the experience you need to help you succeed with your project of having internet presence THAT WORKS for you!

At Centrix we always go the extra mile! We not only give your the fish but also teach you how to fish. We will develop the website and also will teach you how to maintain it and provide you with with a full 24/7 support team (except holidays) so you can control your site and make the changes you want, whenever you want, from wherever you want. You own it! You control it! You are self-sufficient! You do not have to depend on a third party to do nothing! You are free! You save money and time!

Since the beginning of the project we plan for success. As we know for a fact that traffic and content of value for that traffic are key to the success of the website, we help you write your content in a “Google Friendly” manner. We know what Google looks for and put it in practice in your project.  We also make sure that navigability of the site is not only easy for the visitors but also for search engines. We make sure that each and every page of your website has the information needed in the HTML tags that matter so search engines index it properly.


Oscar, I wanted to send you an email to thank you for all your support with our web site since we started working with you. You have been always there for us when we have questions and always willing to help with any changes that we have needed. It is truly remarkable the way that you treat us as customers. I could honestly say that you go above and beyond when we have a request. Thank you for always being there and your support to our website and our company.

On a personal note thank you for showing me the way to meet new people and possible clients and for always being a promotor of our company. I think it’s the correct way of doing business and shows the type of person that you are.

Thank you. Regards,Designated Elite Drivers

Cesar Acevedo
Vice President
Designated Elite Drivers