SFNA Testimonial

Testimonial “Oscar Henao has done an exceptional work on our website. He far exceeded our expectations. He is very professional and completes his work very quickly. He maintains constant communication with the customer. Oscar also contributes to the project by providing helpful suggestions. He doesn’t limit to just the specific project but he also provides […]

Hartmann Injury Law Testimonial

Testimonial Our previous website was outdated as to content, technology and appearance. Based upon many recommendations of customers of Centrix Corp., Oscar was retained for a major website overhaul. One of the main goals is to have a website that actually works, and Oscar delivered the goods as promised. A website is only as good […]

Rivas Insurance Group Testimonial

Testimonial “The Rivas Insurance Group is a small business that started in 2019. Without having enough knowledge of websites we were about to make the wrong decision of paying for a cheap service. Thankfully we had the pleasure and the opportunity to meet Oscar at our networking group. Oscar really takes his time explaining websites […]

Applied Fiber Concepts Testimonial

Testimonial “As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I can say with confidence that Centrix does indeed provide “websites that work.” Centrix offers a very simple, straight forward approach to providing websites that are user friendly, thorough, and functional. I have used them for two of my companies, and I will continue to use them […]

Blind Depot Testimonial

Testimonial “When I met Oscar I had a very nice web page in design but not at all functional, at that moment I realized how important it is to find professionals who know how to advise you.Oscar did a measurement of my web page to see what variables we had to boost and the result […]

Glow Up Testimonial

Testimonial “Estamos muy complacidos con el trabajo que ha realizado el Sr Oscar Henao y su empresa Centrix. Trabajar con ellos nos permitió tener en tiempo record nuestra pagina activada. Son muy creativos, profesionales y están allí siempre cuando los necesitas.” Raúl DiazPartner Visit Their Website

Ramon Ortega CPA Testimonial

Testimonial “Centrix and Oscar really honors their statement of “building websites that work”. I been with them for more than a year and they have been an important part of the growth of my firm. Oscar professional services and prompt delivery of my website needs, they have played a key role keeping it user friendly […]

Letty’s Cuba Testimonial

Testimonial “Letty’s Cuba Travel and Tours is a specialized travel agency to Cuba, who had facilitated connection between Cuban and American Culture. After failing attempts of creating a clear, easy to use website, I came across Centrix and Oscar Henao. The prompt response, educated knowledge, and attention to detail that he provides has been the […]

RH&G Legal Testimonial

Testimonial “As a small business owner, you don’t just need a website, you really do need a website that works. Oscar Henao provides you with valuable feedback about your existing website and will tell you how to make the website work so that you are getting quality leads and not just random clicks. There are […]