Their Business

Shopping for insurance is a hassle! Having to ask for different quotes, receiving them all at different times, and then having to compare quotes. Insurance quotes can be hard to even read. Here at The Rivas Group we take our time to shop all your insurance policies at one time. We do the shopping around for you, and compare different quotes using the top rated insurance companies in Florida. All to make sure you are happy with the company, coverage, and price.

What They Say

The Rivas Insurance Group is a small business that started in 2019. Without having enough knowledge of websites we were about to make the wrong decision of paying for a cheap service. Thankfully we had the pleasure and the opportunity to meet Oscar at our networking group. Oscar really takes his time explaining websites and all that they entail. He showed us the importance of having a "website that works". After learning the importance of having a well created website to excel our brand we decided to move forward with Centrix and work with Oscar. We had lots of interviews and meetings, and went back and forth. We really appreciated the time and dedication because we knew Oscar was working hard to finish our website. At the end, we loved our website. But when we showed our friends and family they were very impressed on how well it looks. How easy it is to use on all devices. We are excited to do business with a great website, and having a service we can refer our prospects and clients to use! Thank you, Centrix!

Kimberly Rivas