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We have been exclusively in the website design business since 1995.​

Not easy to run into someone that has been in its industry for 95% of the time of the industry.

Since 1993, when Centrix was born, we have continuously collected the experience needed to help you succeed with your project of having internet presence THAT WORKS for you!

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At Centrix we always go the extra mile on website design!

At Centrix we always go the extra mile on website design! – We not only give your the fish but also teach you how to fish.

We will do your website design and will teach you how to maintain it. Our 24/7 support team will help you control your site and make the changes you want, whenever you want, from wherever you want. You own it and control it! You save money and time!

Since the beginning of the website design project we plan for success.

As we know for a fact that website design is only one of the elements of the success formula, at Centrix we make sure that Traffic and Content of Value for that traffic are also in the picture as other key elements to the success of your website.

We will help you write your content in a “Google Friendly” manner. At Centrix we know what Google looks for and put it in practice in your project. We make sure that navigability of the site is not only easy for the visitors but also for search engines. Each page of your website will have the correct information in the meta tags so search engines index it properly and you will rank higher.

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Ready to Start your success path?

If you want to start your success path on the Internet and have a website THAT WORKS FOR YOU, you will need:

  1. To find a domain name
  2. Purchase a hosting plan for your website
  3. Call us to design your website