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Alex Cejas - Applied Fiber Concepts

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I can say with confidence that Centrix does indeed provide “websites that work”. Centrix offers a very simple, straightforward approach to providing websites that are user friendly, thorough, and functional. I have used them for two of my companies, and I will continue to use them as my businesses grow and diversify. If your goal is to have a website that attracts visitors, provides valuable product or business information, and achieves results, then Centrix is your simple and affordable solution. Thank you, Centrix.

Alex Cejas


Applied Fiber Concepts

We are here to help you as THE experts in Website Design and SEO
in Broward county that focus on your online success!

Put simple, to succeed on the Internet, you have to properly balance four areas.

Here is the plan:

First: Have an excellent website

Centrix Website Design

Having an excellent website design is just the beginning and a solid start for success.  Do not hire someone who only designs websites, because you will receive two things: a website and a problem, and the problem is making that website work for you!

Make sure you hire someone who builds website THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Second: Have lots of quality traffic to that website

Having a good website with no visits is good for nothing! We will help you balance the four main sources of traffic to the website. Remember that if you are not in the first page of the major search engines results, your competition is and they’re taking your business! – Do not be left behind! Let’s talk!
Centrix website traffic generation

Third: Deliver content of value to that traffic

Centrix delivers content of value for website traffic
Your visitors will bounce back if you do not engage them with content of value (the same way you do so many times) and all the effort to bring traffic to your website will be lost. You have to deliver content OF VALUE to that traffic so they stay engaged. We will teach you how to write “Google- and Human-Friendly content”. Make sure you hire someone who builds website THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Fourth: do the three above at a very low cost

Now, up to here everything looks beautiful, but if you are not able to do the first three (excellent website, bring traffic to the website and deliver content of value to that traffic) at a very low cost, the profit from the website will go to the webmaster and you won’t like that! We make sure you keep your profits!

Make sure you hire someone who builds website THAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Centrix Website Design at low cost

Centrix is Different!

It's not (only) about the website design.

While others doing website design finish their work when the website is live with images and text in place, we are just starting.

The truth is that when you hire a regular web developer and the work is complete, as a client, you will be receiving two things: a website and a problem, and the problem is making that website work for you.

Having the website up and running is only the first step and only solves part of the problem. You need a website THAT WORKS for you, and that is what we deliver!

We do website design in Miami as well as search engine optimization from Weston, FL where we have our headquarters to directly serve Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and remotely to anywhere in the world. We will get your business online, fast, with full-ecommerce capabilities (if needed), all for a very low cost. Best of all, you control your website and thus save hundreds of dollars. You can create as many pages as you need and can make changes as often as you like. In addition, you have no contract!


These are just a few samples of our latest developments for our clients. Of course, your website will look different than all that are showcased here. Your solution will be unique!

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