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Having Productive Internet Presence goes well beyond the website itself. If you are only shopping for a website, you are going to a dead-end. 

Centrix is a one-stop agency for your productive internet presence needs. We will take care of your project from A-Z so you do not have to deal with several people, talking a language you do not dominate and jealous to eachother among them.

Our main focus: your outstanding results!

Here is the four-step plan
to succeed on the Internet:


Have an Excellent Website Design

Having a good website is just the beginning and a solid base to succeed on the Internet. Do not hire someone who only does websites, because you will receive two things: a website and a problem, and the problem is making that website work for you! Hire someone that builds websites THAT WORKS FOR YOU! – Don’t fall in the trap! Let’s talk!


Deliver Content of Value for Your Target

If you do not engage your clients with content of value they will bounce back (the same way you do so many times) and all the effort to bring traffic to your website will be lost. Yo succeed on the Internet you have to deliver content OF VALUE to that traffic so your visitors stay engaged. We will teach you how to write “Google Friendly content” – Let’s talk!


Drive Quality Traffic to the Website

Having a good website with no visits is good for nothing! We will help you balance the four main sources of traffic to the website. Remember that if you are not in the first page of the major search engines results, your competition is and they’re taking your business! – Do not be left behind! Let’s talk!


Make it Accessible to All

ADA’s title III requires that the goods, services, privileges, or activities provided by places of public accommodation be equally accessible to people with disabilities, and hardly, something can be more of “a place of public accommodation” than your website.

This was clarified in a letter to members of Congress in September 25, 2018 from the Department of Justice (DOJ).

You must be ADA compliant, not only because is morally the right thing to do, but to expand your market reach and avoid the risk of a lawsuit for discrimination. Let’s talk!

Website services to succeed on the internet

#5 Success!!!

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