Excellent Website Design

Why Centrix gives you Excellent Website Design?

We understand your business

Even though an excellent website design is the pillar of your Internet presence, not everyone can build a website THAT WORKS for you!

There are many important additional factors that you have to take into consideration when hiring a web designer/developer: experience in Internet, responsibility, knowledge of your market, 

Being in the website design business since 1995, and coming from an IT and marketing consulting firm with over 300 clients in all sorts of industries, we are able to understand your business. We speak your language!

Our objective: your success!

Since the beginning of the excellent website design project we plan for success.

As we know for a fact that website design is only one of the elements of the success formula, at Centrix we also make sure that Quality Traffic and Content of Value for that traffic are also in the picture.

We will help you write your content in a “Google Friendly” manner. At Centrix we know what Google looks for and put it in practice in your project. We make sure that navigability of the site is not only easy for the visitors but also for search engines. Each page of your excellent website designed will have the correct information in the meta tags so search engines index it properly and you will rank higher.

Every excellent website designed and built is designed and built from scratch with your  clear objective in mind. That is why your website will:

Image of excellent website design in all devices

Your website will look right on any device. We check for desktop, tablet and phone. You are covered!

Experience in Website Development

With Centrix you will not only have to your service the experience of 25+ years on Internet industry (almost impossible to have more) but also playing on your side 40+ years of experience in multiple industries. We understand your business!

In manufacturing, we go from armored gear to commercial and residential blinds, to cotton bags and many more.

In services, the range is even wider:

  • A/C
  • Accounting
  • Artists
  • Aviation
  • Beauty
  • Business Networking
  • Construction
  • Food
  • Home Services
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Maritime
  • Medical
  • Office Space Rental
  • Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Senior Care
  • Travel
  • more…

Creativity in Website Design

At Centrix we have great communications skills and are trained to be great listeners. We respect your ideas.

We strive for Proactive Behavior and are well-versed in a vast majority of industries in both, the manufacturing and services arena as well.

You will have an excellent website designed that WORKS for you and everyone because we kеер your business goals іn mind!

Latest Technology

We use leading edge technology for everything we do.

  • Solid solution: We base our development on WordPress because more than 40% of the entire websites in the world rely on it, so there are more resources available than for any other platform.
  • Easy to use/update: Elementor is the #1 proven tool to make clients happy when having to modify something on your website. So simple to use, you’ll love it!
  • Woocommerce is our ecommerce solution of choice. Very solid solution we use WooCommerce
  • Secure: Wordfence is the #1 security plugin for WP.
  • All licenses: We hold all the proper licenses and you will be covered.
  • Responsiveness: your website will run properly in three versions: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Most of our website achieve 90+ points on the Lighthouse indexes for Performance, SEO and Accessibility. That translates into better rankings on search engines, faster loads, bigger market and happier clients!

Ready to Start your success journey?

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